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We are the new start-up social enterprise "GL&Development", which was founded from the project initiative "Created by Movement" ("Radīts Kustība") of the association "Light Boat" ("Gaismas Laiva"). We create functional clothing and accessories for people with mobility impairments, contributing to the inclusion of this social group in society, improvement of quality of life and well-being.


Association "Light Boat"

Association "Light Boat" was founded in 2014 with the aim of promoting the sustainable development of Latvian society and the active participation of citizens in social, cultural, environmental and educational projects, providing the environment and conditions for the implementation of these projects, paying special attention to intergenerational cooperation, creating an environment and opportunities for mutual knowledge , for the exchange of skills and experience.

Created for Movement

One of the creative projects of the association "Light Boat" is "Created for Movement", which in 2021 further inspired the social enterprise brand "Liberated!" creation! During the project, the first prototypes of functional outdoor clothing and accessories were developed, which were tested and evaluated by the target group.

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In August 2022, the social enterprise "GL&Development" was founded, which developed the brand "Liberated!" to start the development of prototypes to a high-quality product, which will soon be available for export!


In 2021, the association "Light Boat" received funding support from the State Cultural Capital Fund and created 10 prototypes of a line of functional clothing and accessories for an active lifestyle.

In 2022, we received two main prizes for the development of the project in SEB bank's grant competition "UP!" ("Augšup") (for social enterprises of Pieriga region and Sigulda city).

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We are the winners of  competition “Tam labam būs augt”, co-organised by the Latvian Social Entrepreneurship Association (LSUA) and Luminor Bank.

We will have the opportunity to invest this EUR 2,000 grant to create prototypes of our products aimed for our target group of children with reduced mobility. 

Photo: Latvian Social Entrepreneurship Association

Our team

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